Saudi Arabia Embassy in Vienna

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Vienna

Saudi Arabia Embassy in Vienna

Information on consular services of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Vienna. You can contact the consular department of the embassy for visa application, passports, consular statements, legalisation of documents and information of the opening hours of the different departments of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Vienna.

All info on the Saudi Embassy in Vienna

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Vienna, Austria Formanekgasse 38 1190 Vienna Austria




Mr Mohammed Al Salloum - Ambassador

Telephone Number:

(+43) (1) 367 25 31

Fax Number:

(+43) (1) 367 25 40

Office Hours:

Mon-Thu: 10.00 - 12.00 Fri: 10.00 - 11.30

Saudi Embassies

The most obvious function of the Saudi embassy in Vienna, acting as the representative of the Saudi government in the host country, is to promote Saudi interests in Austria and to give assistance to Saudi nationals when abroad.

Consular help

In addition, to provide consular help to those applying for visas specifically, to issue visas to Muslim pilgrims who are required to attend the annual Hajj gathering in Mecca at least once during their lives.


Tourist visas are exempted as Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas. Activities of all Saudi embassies are coordinated from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Saudi Embassy however, much less obvious to the public are the other responsibilities of Saudi Embassies which give support to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, including its subsidiary and the Islamic Development Bank.

An Embassy is described as a permanent diplomatic mission which is generally located in a country's capital city. The embassy in Vienna is responsible for representing Saudi Arabia in Austria and handling major diplomatic issues, such as preserving the rights of citizens abroad.

The ambassador is the highest official in the Saudi embassy in Vienna and acting as the chief diplomat and spokesperson for the home government. Ambassadors are typically appointed by the highest level of the home government.